Gert Lavsen is a photographer based in Denmark. He enjoys photographing landscape and other nature subjects as well as still-lifes in his studio.

His stock photographs have been published in magazines and commercial advertising projects around the world.


I view the art of photography as a subtractive process, a distilling of reality into a personal vision. As such I often use the tools of modern photography, filters, digital enhancements etc., to try to capture in an image the emotions I felt at the moment I tripped the camera’s shutter.

Though trained as a computer scientist and currently post graduate student at the University of Southern Denmark, photography is a major part of my daily life.

I experienced a renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for photography after I started using analog medium-format cameras in addition to my 35mm cameras.

On this website I showcase my photography art – something to cater for almost any taste, and perhaps something that hopefully causes enjoyment, inspiration or fascination.


Courtesy of the excellent picture publishing service FotoMoto – and from just about 1€ – you can get all the photos as high quality postcards or open edition photographic prints.